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Flossy in the Kitchen

There’s one thing that most eldest kids of the family have in common: understanding that, along with other first born expectations, comes one of the most premier responsibilities of them all - being additional help to parents, including wrangling the little ones: making sure they’re safe, accounted for, and, most importantly, fed.
Southside Atlanta native Chef Flossy is no stranger to the journey, and took advantage of the tasks inherently bestowed upon her, learning everything she could about creating quality meals with little resources, lots of beauty, and plenty of heart. Her earliest culinary memory includes making a Mother’s Day breakfast  at the age of 10, to which her, and her mother, were indeed shocked! Her mother knew it was a passion, and Chef Flossy’s origin story begins.
Her curiosity led her to Le Cordon Bleu post high school, and she immediately dove into everything about food, including spices, plating, and opportunities - she took an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, then went on to work in several fine dining restaurants in the Atlanta area.
As life would have it, moments of growth are aplenty, either through positive experiences, or through those grueling tests that really show us what we’re made of. After gaining real life training through fine dining employment, Chef Flossy started a career in St.Thomas U.S.V.I., taking the role of sous chef to a trusted colleague. They partnered on a New American restaurant, running lunch and dinner service on the island. With every new business, financial obligations take precedence, but, along with that test of endurance, was one that would ultimately end her St Thomas career - back to back hurricanes striking the island, displacing dwellers from their homes and jobs. It was then that Chef Flossy returned to Atlanta to put her skills to work back at home.
Catering events from business meetings, to birthday parties, weddings, and more, Chef Flossy’s personal chef and catering service focuses on providing memorable experiences in the comfort of a client’s own home. Making the mood comfortable for maximum enjoyment, Chef Flossy allows for customizable menus, taking into account taste, dietary restrictions and budget, while bringing her comical personality, lots of laughs, and delicious, one of a kind meals to your table.

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